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Strategy in Israel

The Foundation supports a wide range of organisations in Israel.  The Foundation has a preference for supporting ‘transformational’ organisations that adopt a strategy of providing direct support to individuals, as well as conducting wider influencing work.

The Foundation supports work in the following thematic areas: 

Tackling Violence Against Women and Girls 

In this sector, the Foundation is focusing on promoting transitional change in the violence against women sector.  This includes supporting organisations focusing on prevention, tech solutions, awareness raising, advocacy and service delivery. 

Youth at Risk 

 The Foundation's work in this area focuses on the following: 

  • Increasing the capacity to provide online services to support young people’s emotional needs and creating an online therapeutic presence

  • Developing long-term programmes that build community resilience and enable robust community interventions that focus on disadvantaged populations

  • Identifying and strengthening informal education programmes that enhance the inner resilience of young people in challenging situations 


Shared Society 

The Foundation supports grantees that promote a just, equal and secure Israel, where all those who live there can participate in a genuinely shared society. In this area, the focus is on the following: 

  • Protecting Arab’s rights and promoting equality through supporting the advocacy and public education programmes

  • Promoting shared society values in public spaces where Arabs and Jews naturally meet including increasing Arab representation in the largest 100 companies in Israel and supporting positive interaction between Jews and Arabs in universities and other public spaces including public transportation, streets and museums’

  • Supporting large national organisations to increase their capacity, knowledge, familiarity with and outreach to the Arab population 


Environmental Justice and Climate Change 

 In this sector the Foundation focuses on: 

  • Identifying and supporting infrastructure organisations with the goal of strengthening the backbone of the environmental movement

  • Identifying core environmental issues where our support can deepen impact (currently promoting public transportation, advancing sustainability and urban planning)

  • Focusing on the impact of environmental justice on vulnerable populations 



Most of the Foundation's work in this sector has focused on supporting people with cognitive disabilities.  The Foundation is also focusing on ensuring that the most vulnerable populations (including Arab communities) are able to access the necessary services, trained professionals and knowledge. 


Asylum Seekers 

This is a small programme which focuses on promoting the social rights of asylum seekers, ensuring that they receive access to decent social, education and health services. 

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